IAWHP online workshop

Peer Coaching

On 30.04.2022, the first IAWHP workshop, “Peer Coaching” led by Carsten Meyer-Mumm, an experienced peer coaching consultant from Hamburg, took place online. All IAWHP members were invited to join the workshop. In the workshop, 13 IAWHP members from seven countries (Germany, Luxemburg, India, Mexico, UK, Spain, Mexico) participated.

The career stages of the participants ranged from PhD students, early career professionals, mid-career professionals and senior professionals. In two break-out rooms, participants practiced the methods of peer coaching by assuming different roles: case narrator, moderator, consultant, secretary, and observer. Even though only intended as practice for the peer coaching methodology, real case studies of members were examined and solutions developed.

The workshop was considered very successful by participants and further peer coaching sessions will be hosted by IAWHP in the near future.

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