Media Release from 14 March 2021

Heartfelt invitation to participate in our General Assembly on 27 March 2021

Media Release from 16 February 2021

International Association of World Heritage Professionals e.V. announces new Board of Directors

Founded in 2010, the International Association of World Heritage Professionals e.V. (IAWHP e.V.) is a non-profit association of specialsts in various fields connected to World Heritage protection and managment. It acts as a think-tank for developing innovative approaches towards the protection, conservation and management of the tangible and intangible aspects of cultural and natural heritage. Moreover, the association brings together researchers and practitioners for joint projects from across the globe.

At the recent General Assembly, a new Board has been elected to serve for the next three-year term. It constitutes itself as follows:

Chairperson: Patricia Alberth (Germany)
Deputy Chairperson: Rolf Schütt (Bolivia)
Secretary: Manana Tevzadze (Georgia)
Public Information Officer: Dr Chang Liu (China)
Membership Officer: Klaus Zehbe (Germany)
Treasurer: Dr Li Fan (China)
Deputy Treasurer: Miki Shimizu (Japan)

Among others, the new Board plans to organize a side event to the upcoming 44th session of the World Heritage Committee in Fuzhou (China), to contribute to the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention in 2022 and to offer social activities at selected World Heritage sites.

IAWHP membership is open to heritage researchers and practitioners.


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